In the thousands, that is how many articles are out there talking about management for Big Deer and healthy deer herds. You can read them until you are blue in the face and come out more confused than when you started. The gun seasons are upon us here in the upper mid-west, Wisconsin Rifle season opens tomorrow 11/17, Southern Minnesota’s second gun season begins tomorrow as well. There is a timely reason I am writing this blog post. It’s an exciting time for so many hunters, whether you are 80 or a young 12-year-old boy or girl attending their first deer camp. So many deep-rooted family traditions take place during this magical time of year.

We support everyone, whether you are happy with a big fat corn fed doe, or a young buck. More power to you the fact that you are out enjoying the wilderness and drinking in Mother Nature are fantastic, and we salute you! The reason I write this is to talk about what we see in our area for deer management specifically the bucks.

Here at BRO we own/lease some of the most excellent deer property we have laid our eyes on, and work very diligently on managing our deer herd. No there are no high fences or feeders, but we do our very best to hold our deer all year long. This time of year, when the corn is all gone, and the girls are in the mood Mr. big can let his guard down a little and make mistakes he usually doesn’t. Those mistakes as I am sure you guessed are following a hot doe in daylight into the wide open, and across line fences. We are always happy for our neighbors when they kill a quality mature deer weather that be a buck or a doe.

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