Mobile Hunting

Having the ability to get into a buck's bedroom is a must no matter the time of the year. We use multiple stand types such as X-Stand, Millennium Stands, but with hang and hunt situations we rely on XOP Hunting System.
Why XOP?
For those of you who don't know what Xtreme Outdoor Product is all about, do your self a favor and check out the XOP Youtube Channel!
This company has created a treestand system that will allow you get in on bucks quiet, and they created an extremely heavy duty lightweight, soundproof cast aluminum stand that won't break your back getting to your spot! After hunting with this system several times, I have had much more productive hunts, that are allowing me to maximize my time and opportunity at arrowing a mature deer!

More on XOP Stands
-Dual functioning tri-layer compression foam seat pad, for all-day comfort
-Basic Backpack Straps
-Indestructible Heat treated steel Fast strap buttons
-2 Oversized polyester belt with XL cam buckle
-In cast bow holder and accessory hooks
-Leveling seat and platform
-XOP green finish
-New patented I beam technology
-Ultimate offset capability, for those crooked trees
-Includes Fall Arrest System/Full Body Harness that meets industry standards.
Weight Rating: 350 pounds
Stand Dimensions: 30” x 19.5”
Stand Weight: 12.5 lbs

XOP hang-on treestands utilized a lighter platform design and patented sound deadening cast aluminum I-beam center. Our hang-ones are not only stronger and lighter than any of the other comparable stands on the market, but our I-beam eliminates all possible resonation of sound and makes our stands DEAD silent!
If you are looking to learn how to hunt new spots on your private or public land with the ability to hunt mobile, on any wind direction check keep following more from BRO!

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