It’s the new hot saying; you hear it out there from every entrepreneur podcast you listen to out there. But it’s the truth; you don’t have a clue when the right pressure changes or weather front coming in is going to get that big deer up on his feet during the daylight hours.

The biggest thing we can stress is now is not the time to press, hunt stands and situations that you can get in and out without being detected.
Keep all of them unsuspecting of your presence, let them be fat and happy with their schedule.

It is also a great time to scout, watch how you are heard of deer are entering and exiting your food sources on different winds. Knowing all this info real time will only be a feather in your hat as those lovely ladies start to make that magical change that drives the boys crazy. While trying to be as conservative as possible, it is also a great time to mix things up without pressing the issue.


As you can see in this photo, I am hunting over a buck decoy. The reason I pulled the decoy out is we had an immense amount of scrape activity show up in 36 hours.

This stand set was great for the wind, and I was in and out without spooking anything. It was also about 30 yards from a brand-new scrape that was shredded. So, we knew deer were in there starting to set their territories. The thought process was if that deer came to check his scrape after a fresh rain, bucky jr and I were going to be there to challenge him.

I mixed in some light grunts, and the light was rattling that night, due to the fact we had been noticing sparing taking place through spotting scopes earlier in the week. Nothing showed that night but felt right about being able to get in and out undetected living to fight another day.

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