The weekend was an eventful one from my perspective. Mother Nature showed her wicked side to us on Saturday Morning throwing us northwestern 20 to 30 mph winds. That was not something we wanted to be a part of in a tree stand, so I decided to shoot ducks instead. What a treat that was, from not doing that in a couple of years it was just like riding a bike.

Thin the Doe Herd

Sunday was a much nicer morning and was fruitful to the BRO boys; I received a text message from Trevor that he had shot a big mature doe. I no more than put my phone away, and I had a big mature doe moving through the timber by me.
Welcome to the Jungle
I was in one of our sets called “The Jungle” and it can be very thick in places. I shot her at 40 yards and caught a branch making my arrow hit her back and low from where I was aiming. I was fortunate enough to get another arrow in her, giving me confidence that she would expire.

Well she was a tough girl, and we ended up bumping her 7.5 hours later, lucky for us I had my bow with and was able to dispatch her effectively, and she expired within seconds.
The moral here is never give up, that animal you just shot is an investment, you owe it to the weather it is a doe or 190-inch monster to turn over every leaf to find them even when we had our heads hanging low, losing blood and faith quickly. We pressed on…and I am so thankful I was able to finish the job and beat the coyotes to her!

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